Friday Oat Feeling :) 16.02.2015

So I wanted to try something different this morning, I made myself an oat smoothie! I always wanted to try one, and I have to say it was lovely. I mean, there is definitely room for improvement and I could tweak a few things. I think half of the battle is getting a good blender, my one just doesn’t quite cut it. Also, I’ve been trying to eat a plant based diet recently, as they seem to be all the rage in the press, ha.

The main reason for me is improvement of skin, hair and energy and to cut out processed foods, which half the time I don’t really care for, or enjoy. Plus, I’m really enjoying it, learning about different foods and its not as hard to maintain as you would think. But, I will eventually start to look into the best protein substitutes to add. I am a bit of a newbie, but it will be things like ‘baobab’, ‘hemp’ and ‘maca’ – yep no idea what they are, but I am learning, and really enjoying it at the same time.

So I read something interesting, yet a little deflating on Facebook this morning. I follow a few inspirational people on Facebook, you know, the type of people that seem to have the perfect life. So, one guy that I follow, wrote a status, which started with – ‘Winners focus in winning, losers focus on winners’.

Now can you see how that deflated me? I was staring at myself right in a status, he might as well just said ‘Casey focuses on winners’ haha.. but this really resonated with me. As I do spend time trying to get inspiration and clarity from other people instead of just focusing on my life.

Its so hard to take action in our own life and its easier to focus on other people’s and see what they need to do.

Don’t let other people have the life you want or deserve, keep working on it and stay focused on your goals. If all else fails, have an Oat Smoothie! 🙂