I started this blog on Thursday 18th February 2016, because I wanted somewhere I could vent and hopefully discover a journey of self improvement, or at least a journey of discovery that perhaps I don’t know I am on yet – as I am sure we have all been there at some point/or currently experiencing it now.

My main aim of my blog is to share the things that I love and believe in, from inspirational videos/people, hobbies, food, festivals, places and general health and wellbeing.

A little about me, I come from a pretty close family, I have an older brother who’s 36 called Guy, who I love to bits and makes me laugh a lot. A younger ‘than her years’ Mum called Jenny. My mum loves her music, is a hippy at heart and we tend to go to a lot of concerts and theatre together, which is great. My mum is the person that I text last minute in need of a drink/dinning buddy – and she is normally happy to oblige. she can be very funny too, even though she doesn’t always know it. My lovely dad Tony, a lot of people who know him will say he has got a good heart and very reliable, which I will agree with. He has also got a great sense of humour and can be a little silly at times. I think I get that from him! : ) he is the person that reminds me when my tax is due and checks my oil in my car, so all in all.. dads are great!

So, I was brought up in Kent, in small village called Hartley. I grew up in a council estate, which was great, as it was never short of gossip and everyone around the area was actually quite close considering we were all so different. It was during the time when you could rely on your neighbours to keep an eye out on your property, incase anything went missing. Not like I am stereotyping council estates, but at the time, a lot of bicycles did go missing, including mine one night.  We also had a great family cat called Tricky, who used to walk with us to school, well, half the way, until we shooed her back. And most days she would wait at the top of the hill for us after school had finished and walk back with us. Tricky was known for being slightly (to say it nicely) overweight and at times vicious, I think that was down to Guy and I teasing her a lot when she was younger. She was a great cat and definitely one of a kind and lasted till she was seventeen.

So my dad is always known for working seven days a week, and very rarely takes time off. He works as a JCB driver and my mum works in accounts. My parents have always worked really hard and during the reign of Margaret Thatcher (not that I’m trying to get into politics), they were fortunate to be able to buy their house. This enabled the next phase of our lives and in my late teens we moved to Longfield.

From the ages of thirteen to twenty five, I spent the majority of my time pursuing one of my great loves – running! I belonged to a running club and I used to train 3 to 4 times a week, which I loved! My distance was the 800m and 1500m, even though I much preferred the 800m, the 1500m was just a little bit too long! I carried on with this until my knee’s couldn’t cope with the training any longer.

When I was growing up I never really knew exactly what I was good at, or perhaps I didn’t believe in myself enough. I was a creative type of person and I was told I was very good at art. I remember on one occasion a close friend’s sister came home from school and said the teacher had mentioned me in class – apparently describing me as one of the best drawers she had come across at the time, and said that I didn’t know how good I was. Apart from art, I never really excelled in any subjects.

I was in the middle groups for most subjects. Until, in the last year of my GCSE’s I got moved into the top group for Maths. I couldn’t believe it, I felt exactly how Amy Cuddy describes in one of my favourite Ted’s – ‘I am not suppose to be here’. But I absolutely loved it, it was so refreshing to be around other people that wanted to learn, plus an inspiring teacher. That was short lived and even though I wouldn’t say maths was one of my fortes, I was still ecstatic with that outcome.

In my early 20’s I went abroad to work for two summers, I was ready to spread my wings and find out what the rest of the world outside Longfield had to offer.To be fair, it was mainly a drink fuelled two summers, but a fantastic experience. And I met some great life-long friends.

After my two summers galavanting, I decided it was time to get serious and focus on my career . I started off temping in London, which was mainly doing office administration for government organisations. To say I hated it was an understatement. A claire voyant I went to see at the time, actually tapped in to my unhappiness and described seeing two ugly grey buildings and told me to get out now, ha. Whether you believe in it or not, it was still enough for me to get moving and start looking at a new direction.

I landed a job in a fashion company, as a Production Assistant, I was so happy to be out of my previous work and I thought this was the direction I wanted to go in. After two years I actually left there to study a degree, ok, a little later in life that I expected, but it was one of my dreams and goals, and I wanted to pursue it. So now I was 26 years old and going back to part-time work?! this was the part I hated. For the next three years I was back to working part-time as a barmaid and touching up on my customer service skills.

Within the first few weeks, I kinda knew that Graphic design wasn’t for me, but I had committed myself now.

In my second year at University I decided to take a dyslexic test. Ok, I have to admit the number 1 reason was, if I qualified, I would be entitled to an AppleMac. Which was at a ridiculously low price. Plus close second was, I really wanted to find out if I did have dyslexia. I always knew I struggled slightly with reading and writing, even though no one even noticed, it really bothered me. Well, actually my mum did try and ask the school for advice when I was younger, but they said I was fine.

I just knew it took me, I felt, longer than most people to structure letters and I would struggle with pronouncing some words. So the inevitable came true, I got diagnosed with dyslexia – well the verbal type. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. So hopefully this journey will make me realise that I can be successful even if we do have obstacles against us.

I started a new business a few months ago, which I do want to be really successful in, I just hope that fear doesn’t hold me back. So, this is the journey of hopefully discovery to a better and new improved me, hopefully one that isn’t afraid to take chances and to have a little more faith in herself and belief.

I recently got more into healthy eating, well eating better from scratch, I am hoping that will improve my frame of mind and put me in good stead for the future. There has been so much research into what you eat is relative to how you feel, and I was actually interested to recently find out that 80-90% of our serotonin are created in our gastrointestinal tract, (gut area). That will be something to explore further in another blog.

Anyway,. tao for now

Casey x


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